Trendy and Stylish Nail Art Designs for Beginners



Manicure used to be simple and yet already considered stylish and to some, elegant. A simple nail polish, a brush, and chosen single color would always do the trick, but recently a new trend is rising up to the stage.

Nail art has redefined the simple manicure; it adds more art and unique color combinations, but it sometimes takes an expert to do one.



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Your Nail is a Canvas with Nail Art

As seen with celebrities, many young women are now experts with Nail Art. They convert your nails into canvas by making a painting on it. Other designs would include tiny bits of glittery objects to make the design livelier. There are a lot of unique designs to choose from; Flowers, Animals, Nature, or basically, anything that comes into your minds they can put into your nails. There are easier nail art designs for beginners too, like; Two-colored Stripes, Color Blocks, Stars, Dots, etc. there’s just no limitation when it comes to creating a nail art.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE