Types of men that are not good for single mothers


Single mothers are really sensitive and vulnerable. Even though life has thought them much or less to be ‘’tough girls’’ so that they can raise their children by themselves, deep down in their souls, each one of them longs for male support in the family. Such types of situations are really difficult and the worst thing is that there are more and more women that are forced to live like that, trying to be a father and a mother for their children.

There are several types of men that you should avoid if you are a single mother.
1. ”Sugar Daddy’’





This type of men will tell you about their annual revenues and bonuses, dressed in shining costumes, trying their best to attract your attention. They always find a way to spontaneously give a word concerning money, no matter what the topic is and in any conversation. According to psychologists, men who constantly emphasize on their material possibilities and success in career, subconsciously demonstrate their priorities in life. That is why you should not be fooled by the material goods that such a man could provide to you and your children – he will never be devoted to you as much as he is devoted to his work, which makes him quite unsuitable!….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE