Unique Braided Hairstyle for Special Occasions



Braids can give you any type of look, from girl-next-door casual to elegant for evenings out. Even the most complicated braided hairstyle is just a serious of repeated steps that anyone can do with a friend and some time. This unique, special occasion hairstyle is one of the most stunning and impressive ones we have found.

Unique Braided Hairstyle
Unique Braided Hairstyle

Image Source: styleideas


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Besides time, all you need to complete this unique hair do is a sparkling fabric cord and some hair clips. Hairspray can help it last longer for nighttime events. Begin at the front of your hair making a simple braid and securing it with hairclips as you go. Next, pick up a fourth strand of hair and plait them together as directed in the picture. Each time a loop is made, loosen it so they arc out at the side evenly. The fabric cord in the middle adds stability and strength to this hair style, as well as a delightful accent.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE