How to Use a Bow in Decoration to Make a Sophisticated Bun


This is one of the best hairstyles for special events, and it is made up of a decorated bun using a good accessory made with the same hair – the bow. With this tutorial, you will learn how to make create it!
These are the materials you will need if you want to make a good decoration:

– hair elastic;
– comb;
– hair doughnut;
hair spray;
– bobby pins;







The first thing to do is to make a high smooth ponytail, and use an elastic material to secure it. You should use gel wax or hair gel to get rid of fluffy hair, after which the hair doughnut should be put on and hair wrapped around it. After using an elastic material to fix it, the loose hair should be collected at the bottom and divided into 2 parts: one for the bow and one for braiding. With the first part of hair taken, a braided tail should be made, after which it needs to be wrapped around the bun.

Image Source: alldaychic

Using bobby pins to fix it, ensuring that they are hidden, creating a bow with the rest of hair! To get this done, the hair should be divided into 3 parts. The right hair strand should be taken from the bottom and turned into a ring, arranged in a way that you obtain a half bow form. After securing with pins, the procedure should be repeated on the left strand, while the braiding will be continued to the central part of hair, rolling the end for a small flower form to be made. Then, you should fix with pins and spray.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE