Use Brow Stencils for Easy Eyebrow Shape


While there are many eyebrow shaping tutorials online and in magazines, some women they still have trouble creating that perfect line. Luckily, brow stencils exist and come in a variety of different shapes and thicknesses that can best suit your face. Instead of worrying if you have the line straight or even on both sides, the brow stencil takes the questions out of the process. They can also help you speed things up in the morning and ensure that you always have straight and even eyebrows that will look great all day long.

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Materials Needed:
• Eyebrow stencil or a stencil kit
• Eyebrow brush
• Eyebrow pencils or eyeshadow in your chosen eyebrow shade

Image Source: thewonderforest

1. Begin by brushing your eyebrows neatly to the side in the approximate shape you wish them to be.
2. Select your desired style of stencil from the kit based on your face shape and desired eyebrow style.
3. Position the eyebrow stencil carefully over your existing eyebrow. Make sure that it is at the correct angle and height.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE