How to Use Sweater to Make a Slippers



Your old sweater can be turned into something useful if you use the right materials and follow certain steps. Applying this idea of WeCanRedoIt has helped many people.

The things you should have are:
– felt;
old sweater;
– needle and thread;
– scissors;
– sewing machine;
– a piece of cardboard for pattern;
– double stick tape;
– chalk;
– pencil;.

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Make a Slippers
Make a Slippers

Image Source: alldaychic
Trace the shape of your foot onto the cardboard, cutting it out. After that, the pattern should be traced onto the pieces of felt, with the 4 shapes of felt cut out, which are two for the midsoles and two for the soles. Now, the foot pattern should be placed on the Post to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "idea-to-make-curly-hairstyle" using the heel 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 away from the sweater’s bottom edge. An arc should be traced around the pattern which hat is 1 inch above the toes, then expanding right down. For both feet, 2 pieces should be cut out. For one foot: using double-stick tape, the piece of sweater should be stuck between 2 felt pieces; then sew.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE