Vegan Makeup Brands for Cruelty-Free Beauty


Veganism is a lifestyle choice brought about by various environmental, ethical, and health reasons. Vegans do not consume animals and animal products in any form. Many followers of this lifestyle believe that they are promoting a more humane world. Aside from strictly avoiding meat and dairy, most vegans do not support products with animal-derived ingredients. No vegan would even wear a genuine fur coat even if the temperature is sub-zero.

Most vegans are sensitive about choosing the products they use for daily living. It’s a good thing that vegan beauty junkies now have the option to buy vegan makeup brands to compliment their lifestyle.

vegan makeup
vegan makeup

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Vegan makeup

In a nutshell, vegan makeup brands do not derive any ingredients from animals. In addition to this, they don’t test on animals too. Vegan makeup brands are proud to be cruelty-free. They don’t use ingredients like goat’s milk and honey on their products. It is important to meet a certain criteria before branding a line as vegan.

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There are several vegan makeup brands available in the market today. Here are some proudly vegan makeup brands that you might want to consider purchasing if you want to give your makeup bag a vegan make-over.

Top Vegan Makeup Brands

Urban Decay

Surprised to hear that Urban Decay is vegan? Urban Decay is wildly popular for their bold colors and a wide range of color assortment. Compared to their niche competitors, Urban Decay is a more popular brand, and their products are more conveniently available. They have a wide range of cosmetics products like eyeliners, eye shadows, lipsticks, nail polishes and even makeup brushes. With urban Decay, you can guarantee that you are getting quality products from a trusted brand. A purple paw print may be found on all their vegan products.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE