Washing New Clothes Before Wearing Them – Yay Or Nay?

Source: alldaychic.com/


Getting new clothes, whether as a gift or you’re buying one for yourself, has always been one of few things that can instantly make your day twice brighter. You can’t wait to wash and “debut” it as soon as possible.

At times, though, getting new clothes isn’t always planned. Accidents happen, and you may have to get a new article of clothing; whether it’s trousers, shirts, or even underwear. Now, the question is, do you really have to wash your new clothes before wearing them for the first time?

Although some may insist to wash their new clothes for hygiene reason, some may argue that since it’s packed, there’s no need to do so. If the situation calls for it, perhaps you’re left with no option but to wear it straight from the store. However, is this something you can do all the time?….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE