Weaving Hair and Hair Styles with Beads


To give texture and volume to thin hair, treat it with small crimpers. If bangs are approximately below the nose, separate them from the rest of the hair and if you have no bangs at all, it’s better to weave without separating the fringe section.

Weaving Hair
Weaving Hair


Image Source: vk.com

2. Separate another section after the first one, we will use it as a basis for weaving.

3. Next, select a strand and tease it at the root; we’ll attach a chain of beads on an invisible hairpin to a strand.

4. Begin to weave a braid of four strands.





Divide the main strand into 3 parts. Beads will go on strand №4. Next, follow the instructions on the photos for weaving a braid. All strands are numbered. In the lesson, strands aren’t stretched specifically to show the progress of the strands, but you have to pull them.

Here, we grab a strand #2. Grab the top of the top strand #1.

Next, repeat everything – grab the bottom strand, the strand #3.

Weaving with beads should go along the lower left side of the head.

Grab the top outer strand  #2.

Next, weave by analogy. When you pass the middle of the head and a little bit further, stop weaving.

Close the braid with a band.

Four-strand braid

In general, you can simply weave a braid of 4 strands along the head and it will be an independent hairstyle. But we will go further.

5. Pin two invisible hairpins crosswise into the hair.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE