Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Hair



Wedding hairstyles have changed a lot over the years. Everyone used to put their hair up in a more formal “do” but now the trend is to be a bit more free with your hair. It provides a softer look for the bride and offers more options. This has been a real win for medium hair cuts. You no longer have to worry about growing your hair as long as possible before the wedding. You can work with whatever length you currently have and find a style that fits you and your dress.

Half Up
This is the perfect solution for just a bit formal and overall more fun. You can add height with a bump it or even bangs.






Often it requires just pulling the top and sides back so you still have the length flowing in the back while around your face is perfectly coifed. It looks nice in pictures and gives you a way to control the look while not feeling quite as uptight as you would in a full bun.

While weddings used to be all about order, waves are starting to appear in hair. There used to be stick straight or crazy curls, but now a lovely wave fits beautifully. This is particularly perfect if you are having an outdoor wedding at the beach. A simple flower to one side and a loose gather bring the waves together in a really lovely way. It softens the look of your face and your makeup. Overall you will find it one of the more natural looks.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE