Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Hair


Full Up Sweep
You can still do this with short hair. The great thing about weddings, is your hair dresser can stack on the pins. It may not be easy to get out later, but you can pull back even the shortest of hair. You can hide the ball of hair with a gorgeous clip or you veil and you are off to the races. As a matter of fact, people might think that you have longer hair than you do.

Loose Up Pull
This is a compromise between the up-do and wearing your hair down. You pull it up but leave a sag around your head. It gives it a softer, less threatening look than a harsh pull back. It works the same but you can have small pieces of hair falling around your face. This tends to work better with bangs and gives you a softer look overall. It all depends on the style of your wedding.

Obviously you should try a few of these hairstyles before you commit. Your style should compliment your wedding dress, veil and the rest of the wedding atmosphere. You don’t want a harsh, modern up-do in a casual setting. You also don’t want a messy look if you have sharp, straight lines to your wedding dress. Think of the full picture and then experiment. You may be surprised at what you like best.