Wedding Makeup Don’ts



You can find a million articles about what you should do for your wedding makeup. The thing is, you can often find good ideas, but there are really some big don’ts that are just as important. If you know what not to do it can be easier to decide what to do. There are a few things that just make sense when it comes to making your wedding makeup last and making it look the very best it can.

1. Beware of Higher SPF Foundation
Everyone has gotten used to making sure they protect their face from the sun. This is fine and dandy on a normal day, but when you are getting a million pictures taken you may be surprised at the result. SPF tends to make you look more pale in pictures. It is the way it plays with the light and transfers it to the camera. You want to make sure you avoid high SPF on your wedding day.






2. Don’t Base First, Put Your Eyes on First
Typically people put base on first. On a normal day that is fine, but when you are preparing for your wedding, get your eyes on first. It is likely you may have to start all over or want to make an adjustment. If you do your base then you have to redo everything, eating up time and frustrating even the calmest of brides. If you start with your eyes, you can adjust all you like and after your base you can retouch the areas that have started to falter.

3. Don’t Skimp on the Primer, Primer all Over
Primer is a necessity for wedding makeup, but not just on your eyes. Primer makes your makeup stick. It keeps everything in place and stops it from running to your fine lines and wrinkles. Take the time to prime your entire face. You can do it in sections, like your eyes first, but be sure to hit the whole thing.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE