Weirdest yet Effective Home Remedies


Since time immemorial, women have been known to dabble in weird hacks to achieve beauty. Well, some of these needn’t require a millionaire’s credit card or a trip to the parlour.

The following remedies, though surely weird from a normal woman’s perspective, are genuinely effective and can easily be managed right in the comfort of your own house with the cheapest of kitchen ingredients!

1.Coca-Cola Waves

Well yes, Coca-Cola creates waves, but not just as a drink but also as a hairstylist! Suky Waterhouse shared this hair hack for hair waves on the US weekly. Don’t believe it? Just pour some coke over freshly washed hair, tousle with fingers, blow dry and voila! And there is some science behind it, just in case you thought this was an eye-wash. Coke is primarily composed of phosphoric acid and sugar. The low pH causes the cuticles to shrink making them curl, while the sugar makes your tresses look fuller by sticking them together!

2.Puffy-Eye Spoon Trick

Ever woke up with loaded bags under your eyes? It the worst kind of morning for any pretty lady, and we tell you here just how to make your day! Freeze two tablespoons overnight. Simply dab these cold spoons on the baggy area under your eyes, close to the inner corner. The cold temperature of the spoon helps to constrict the pores and thereby minimize the puffiness! So, it’s a ‘Good Morning’ everyday! ….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE