What are the Various of Tying a Scarf?


For every woman, a scarf is one of the most important fashion items, and she usually has many with various sizes and designs in her wardrobe, from warm ones, to silky and light ones. Scarves go well with a lot of outfits, with a touch of style added no matter where or when you wear them. To many women, tying a scarf is boring, especially if few varieties are what you have in your wardrobe.







This article presents a tutorial of the various ways that can be employed to tie a scarf, each one taking less than 30 seconds. They will make you to look good, and those around you would always want to copy the tricks you are using to enhance your look.


French Knot

Fold your scarf in half, and put around the shoulders. Take one of the loose ends and pull it over and under your scarf loop. The second end piece should then be taken, and put under and over the same loop.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE