What Good Makeup Brushes You Need



Everyone has tried to use the makeup brushes that come with the powder, but these brushes are not good enough to get the look you are going for. It does not apply the powder evenly or as specifically as you would like to get the right coverage and blending. There are certain good makeup brushes you need in order to accomplish any look and get it right every time.

Fluffy Eye Shadow Brush
This is your standard brush that will give you nice even coverage for your basic color. It keeps you from applying too much of the single color and it allows it to create a nice light base from which to work. This brush can also be used to blend with the edges around your eye.

Domed Eye Shadow Brush
The domed eye shadow brush gives you the right shape to your lines. It naturally forms the curve you need in order to get the colors placed correctly to create a multi-layer look. You will find it is easier to blend the edges of your colors together.