What Good Makeup Brushes You Need


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Smokey Eye Brush
This brush is like the fluffy brush but with denser bristles in order to get the darker colors thoroughly applied. You don’t want patches showing through when it comes to the smokey look. It also keeps the shadow from flinging over the rest of your face.

Angled Crease Brush
This brush allows you to add a darker color directly to the crease of your eye. This gives the highlight effect to your eye and gives the look more depth. This also helps shadow from gathering in the bend of your eye as the day goes on.

Smudge Brush
Your smudge brush is a small brush that allows you to blend parts of the eye shadow together without compromising the whole look. It creates a small bit of overlap without overpowering the whole color. You can even create new colors with it or apply sparkly eye shadows.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE