What Good Makeup Brushes You Need


Blending Brush
This is your standard fluff brush that should just swipe over your eye a single time. When you do this it keeps it from looking like you have sharp lines but does not compromise the integrity of your work or your color placement.

Angled Liner Brush
After you have applied all your shadow it is important to go over your eyeliner with shadow to keep it from running and to make sure it has the effect you are looking for. While you might not use this on drama eyes, for regular day makeup you will find it is much easier to build the line you are looking for with your eye shadow.

Once you have all of these brushes and use them you will hardly remember what it was like to try and do your makeup without them. Your eye makeup will look better and you will find you can apply it much more quickly than every before. The right tools are imperative for good makeup.