What Happens When You Apply 100 Coats Of Makeup

Source: youtube

Makeup tutorials were initially made for one sole reason: to help makeup newbie improve their makeup skills. Today, you can easily find thousands, probably even millions of makeup tutorials on the Internet; especially on YouTube. Whether it’s viewed less than 100 times or even over 10 million views, makeup tutorials are always an interesting watch.

Thematic makeup tutorials were once the trend, but what Jenna Marbles did is definitely ground-breaking. Jenna herself is an American YouTube personality, with over 16 million subscribers on her channel. Her fresh and laughter-inducing YouTube contents earned her huge following, and she never failed to deliver.

One of her latest video titled Ultimate 100 Coats of Things Video featured her applying literally 100 coats of lipstick, foundation, nail polish, self tanner, hair spray, and fake lashes. By the end of the video, her overall look was a bit hard to explain; it was fascinating and eerie at the same time. As she glued 50 pairs of fake lashes on both eyes, it’s hard to wrap your head around the fact that she still could open her eyes.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE