What Happens When You Apply 100 Coats Of Makeup


Jenna wasn’t alone, since other popular YouTube channels have jumped to the bandwagon. The challenge started with a video uploaded by YouTube channel Simply Nailogical featuring 116 coats of nail polish applied onto the nails. The end-result was a marble-like lump on top of the nails, but with a little improvisation, we came across new challenges; 100 layers of foundation, 100 coats of liquid lipstick, 100 coats of hair dye, basically 100 coats of everything-you-can-think-of.

Although entertaining, beauty vloggers that had taken part in the challenge revealed that the whole process wasn’t exactly all rainbows and butterflies. Jenna’s 14-minute-long video took 7 and half hours to be filmed, and includes a footage of her removing the gruesome makeup. The video has been viewed over 8 million times since she uploaded on July 21. Nearing the end of the video, Jenna jokingly said that she regret doing the challenge and questioned herself why she took part in the challenge in the first place. Hopefully, we won’t be seeing any other YouTube videos of “100 coats of fill-in-the-blank”.

Source: http://alldaychic.com/