What is the Best Sparks Colour Hair That Would Make You Look Good?


Sparks is the brand name of colors for change the natural look of the hair to various colors such as purple passion, rad raspberry, magenta mania, red hot or orange crush sparks, green ivy sparks, sunburst yellow, electric blue and pink kiss sparks. The manufacturer sells highly pigmented semi-permanent hair color long lasting to an extent it is regarded by some to be permanent. You get endless color combinations with any shade, giving you the look you have always wanted.

Sparks is a permanent, vibrant hair color producing the brightest of shades. As it colors, sparks conditions the hair, making your hair healthier and attractive.






You can mix sparks with other products or use it alone to create a lot of color options.

The Right Sparks Color Hair

The right sparks color hair starts from following simple steps using the right tools along with the main color you intend to use. One way of having the right color is pre-lightening the hair using sparks Creme Developer and Sparks Powder Lightener. Take the packet of the Sparks Powder Lightener in pre-lightening, get a non-metallic bowl and pour the content inside, after which you would add about 3oz Sparks Creme Developer and then mixed until you have a creamy, smooth consistency.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE