What is the New Hair Style for Any Woman?


If you need a new hair style that goes with every occasion and can be worn by any woman, looking good, you should not just go for any one that comes your way. The reason is that not all hairstyles are really good. Some are even too expensive, taking them out of the reach of most women. However, there are some which are affordable and fit any dress you wear. Therefore, you no longer need to be resigned to the usual blow dried puffy hair that make no difference on you.

Carefree and Casual

One new hair style to consider is the carefree and casual one, good for the busy woman. You first blow-dry the hair, as it looks best when “undone”. After that, the fingertips should be used in distributing some styling cream throughout the hair. Then, blow-dry fringe forward with a paddle brush, after which you would gently push to the side.







As you use the fingers to tousle while working around the head, you should blow-dry the rest of the hair. Finish the new hair style with a texturizing spray wax.

New Hair Style
New Hair Style

Image Source: ljepota.net

Dimensional Diva

This is another new hair style that is worth considering because it involves a cool blonde color and gorgeous chocolate pattern, especially the medium, brown, neutral lowlight with pale cool blonde highlights. Another good design is darker layers underneath. To make this, work a golf ball-sized amount of foam or styling mousse throughout the hair, paying more attention on the roots. Starting from the neck, a 2-inch diameter round brush should be used in turning the hair under as you blow dry. Working up to the hair crown, a 3-1/2 inch diameter round brush should be used, especially with longer hair. The brush should be slightly turned to the side as you blow dry. A flexible hold hairspray should be used to finish the styling.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE