What to Cook For Dinner on During the Week


The lack of knowledge on what to cook for dinner often leads some households to cook the same recipes for the entire week or probably to cook unhealthy foods. It is helpful to have a wide range of recipes that you can spread throughout the days of the week. Among many dishes that you could probably have for your dinner, check the recommended ones below on what to cook for dinner.

What to cook for dinner on Monday?

A creamy potato soup will be sufficient to have for your dinner on Monday. The ingredients are; diced onion, crushed garlic glove, oil, 5 peeled and cubed potatoes, 250ml milk, 3 chopped carrots, teaspoon of salt, and pepper. The quantity of these ingredients may be changed based on the number of household members.

How to cook the dish? Follow the methods below:

• Put onion, garlic, and carrots in the pan with oil. Fry them until they soften.
• Pour water and add potatoes to the mixture
• Add salt to the pan
• Then mix the other ingredients in sachets with 250 ml before you pour them into the mixture while cooking
• Pour pepper
• Then stir the mixture until it thickens as a fully cooked soup to serve for dinner.

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What to cook for dinner on Tuesday?

A spicy Mexican mince and bean casserole will be good to entertain your dinner. The ingredients are; oil, 50ml peri-peri sauce, Cheddar cheese, black olives, red kidney beans, whole tomatoes, and oil. The quantity of ingredients here also depends on the number of members for the dinner.



How to cook them? Follow the method below:

• Heat oil in a frying pan and put the beef mince
• Add peri-peri sauce, tomatoes, and beans
• Boil the mixture for 15 minutes and then add olives to the mixture after being put in a separate dish
• Add cheese on the mixture
• Then put it under the preheated grill to melt the cheese.
• You can then serve. That what to cook for dinner on Tuesday.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE