What to Do to Not Cut Your Cuticle Ever Again: 5 Simple Steps


3. Use Oil.

Cuticle oil should become your best friend for the near future. Use it several times a day applying on your fingers with massaging motions. Not only this will soften even the thickest cuticle, it will also improve the blood circulation so your nails will grow faster.

Not Cut Your Cuticle Ever Again
Not Cut Your Cuticle Ever Again

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4. Buy a Hard Nail File.

You will need a hard nail file for your nail walls so there are no agnails or rough skin. Use the nail file when your hands are dry, work each finger on, trying to not touch the nail itself. Very soon you will see that there will be no need to cut the excess skin anymore, using the nail file you will remove it all even before it grows out. Moreover, this simple method will help prevent agnails.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE