What to Do to Not Cut Your Cuticle Ever Again: 5 Simple Steps


5. Do Combined Manicure.

Within one or two weeks you will regularly repeat all 4 steps of our instructions. Of course, the cuticle will become noticeably thinner and softer, but it will not yet stop growing completely. Go to a nail salon to do a combined manicure, that is to say, a manicurist should not cut off the entire cuticle, but only some small parts that did grow after your thorough care.
Then you will need to be repeating all the described above procedures again. If you’ve got enough patience and discipline (it is important to not forget to move the cuticle back with a wooden stick EVERY DAY!), then after a month there will be no need to do an edged manicure ever again. And your hands will always look well groomed and neat, even when you don’t have a chance to dedicate good couple hours to that. Usually, the girls who follow these recommendations would go to a nail salon 1-2 times a month.