What Your Favorite Color Says About You

What Your Favorite Color Says About You

Here’s what your favorite color says about you and your personality.

  • White

If your favorite color is white, you tend to be organized and logical. You like things to be put in their place and you gravitate towards minimalism. You don’t do clutter, knick-knacks, and junk well — you’d rather your home be sparse with a few good pieces of furniture than a lot of stuff collecting dust.

You may be a bit of a neat-freak and perfectionist but that doesn’t stop you from having a positive attitude. Every new day is a chance to do better.

  • Grey

If your favorite color is grey, you like things to be harmonious and to not get too out-of-control. You try to stay neutral and not get too involved in other people’s squabbles. You’re fair, level-headed, and are fashion-forward without falling for fads that will be out quickly.

You can be indecisive and sometimes wish that you could trust other people to make the tough decisions for you. But you know that ultimately, you’ll need to decide things for yourself.

  • Pink

Obviously, if pink is your favorite color you have a preference for cute and sweet things. However, if you love pink, it doesn’t mean you wish to be babied. You’re actually a very nurturing and caring person.

As a friend, you’re always there when needed and are able to see the upside of things. You’re everyone’s first choice as a babysitter since you enjoy spending time with children and you have a natural happiness about you.