What Your Favorite Color Says About You



If you find yourself drawn to the color red it means that you love to live life to the fullest and are very focused on your endeavors. You like to stand out from the crowd and be noticed. You’re not a shrinking violet in any situation and will stand up for yourself or anyone that needs you as an advocate.

You’re not shy, make friends easily, and try to fit as many new experiences into each day as possible. You have a strong sexual side and somewhat of a temper — in other words, you’re passionate about all things.

  • Yellow

If you find yourself choosing yellow again and again, you’ve got a cheery disposition and a thirst for knowledge. You love learning but you’re not always into being in school, so much of your knowledge comes from studying on your own. You often have your head in a book or an E-reader.

You love giving advice and your advice is usually very good. You have many friends but prefer small groups as opposed to huge parties. You tend to keep your feelings to yourself so that you can keep that cheerful exterior intact.

  • Orange

If your favorite color is orange, you’ve got the best of both red and yellow. You’re bold, cheerful, high-energy, and smart. You’re very social and are usually the bridge between groups of people, bringing them together. You like to stand out but in a warm less sexual way.

You tend to be grateful for every moment of life, and when things happen that might destroy someone else, you try to see it as a lesson that you needed to learn, and you pick yourself up and persevere.