What Your Favorite Color Says About You

  • Green

If your favorite color is green, you’re affectionate, loyal, and straightforward. You’re aware of what others think of you and do take your reputation seriously, but you also won’t allow the opinions of other people stop you from doing what you need to do.

You adore nature and finding that a glimpse of a tree swaying in the breeze or a brisk hike is the surest way to get you back on track. You strive to make sure that your carbon footprint is practically non-existent.

  • Blue

If blue is your favorite color, you don’t enjoy upheaval or change. You like to keep things calm, harmonious, and stable. You’re very empathetic towards other people and often consider the needs of those closest to you as much as you do your own.

You practice self-care and that includes not just your body, but your mind, spirit, and heart as well. You try to be even and not get too emotional. Meditation is very helpful for you as are breathing exercises.

  • Purple

If you love the color purple, you’re artistic, unique, and humorous. You are a natural monarch, and if you’re not the Queen or King of somewhere, it doesn’t matter as you still carry yourself with regal bearing. You enjoy splurging and indulging yourself when you’ve earned it.

You’re wise and very self-aware. You know when you’ve gone too far and must pull back. You’ve got big dreams and the energy to turn them into reality.