What Your Favorite Color Says About You

  • Brown

If you love the color brown then you’re down-to-earth and have a lot of character. People feel that they can rely on you and that you won’t let them down. You don’t put on airs and are exactly who you appear to be — there’s no unpleasant reveal where you’re concerned.

Your personality is warm but not dull as you can be extremely sharp and funny. You may be dependable but you’re not somebody who allows themselves to be taken advantage of. You give back what you get from others.

  • Black

If black is your favorite color then you’re artistic, rebellious, sometimes sarcastic, and mysterious. People may assume you favor the dark side of life but that tends not to be true. You’re powerful and not overly effusive.

You like to be in be control which can come off as cold. You’re not unfeeling or hard-hearted, just careful. You don’t like getting hurt or for people to use your emotions against you. Black is a very protective color and it protects you from harm.