Where to Find the Best Pics of Nail Art



You might think that your nails should be a part of your fashion ensemble. Keeping your nails nice and clean shows how you care for yourself, but if you want to add flare to your plain old nails, here are a few nail design tips as well as a few sources for the best pics of nail art.

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Pics of nail art

Nail Design Tips

  • Look for Pics of Nail Art – Before you start designing your nails, it is best to look for nail art inspiration. There are plenty of sources online. For instance, Pinterest is one of the best sources of nail art inspiration. There are also plenty of tips and tricks in this website. You could also look into online magazines, such as Cosmopolitan, as they feature some of the latest and best nail designs.
  • Plastic Bag Design – One of the best nail art tips to provide you with perfect nail design on both hands is to draw your design on a plastic baggie. You can use the pics of nail art you found to serve as your guide. In addition, make sure that the design will fit your nail. Once it’s dry, peel off the design, and then sticks them onto your nails. Finish the design by applying a top coat.
  • Use Plastic Wrap for Marble Design – Have you found pics of nail art with marble designs? Do you want a fool-proof marble nail design? The best way to achieve this is to use a plastic wrap. The first thing you should do is paint your nails with a base color. Once the polish is dry, you can then apply a second coating one nail at a time. It is best to use a different color for your second coating. While the second coat is still wet, use a crumpled piece of plastic wrap to dab your newly polished nail. Do this once or twice. This process will create a marble effect you want.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE