Which Braided Updo Should You Use?



You should consider a braided updo if you are looking for the hairstyle which would make you to look good all the time, protecting you from harsh weather conditions. With braided hairstyles, you are able to display your creativity, as there are many interesting braiding techniques which can be used in having a unique appearance. For instance, it is possible to experiment with highlights, clips, natural or curly texture, patterns, shapes, etc.

Half Updo

The half updo is good because it is not difficult to create, and your hair can be styled without spending a lot of money. You should start by parting your hair in the middle or sideways. Then, take the hair at the side, forming a longer braid with a small middle section and two side sections.






After this, a larger braid should be formed, tying it into a bun. Then, leave the rest of your hair open. Then you have your braided updo.

Braided Updo
Braided Updo

Image Source: newfashioncorner

French Braid Updo

Ideal for medium to long hair, the French braided updo is a bit difficult, and requires some patience. Its advantage is that you would have a look which is more elegant, wearing the hairstyle to parties and many special events.
Start by parting your hair in the middle, and use the hair at the side to form two French braids. After that, form a normal, longer braid, using the two sections at the side. Then, the braid should be rolled into a bun. Place the bun higher on the head if you have longer hair. For a soft look, take some strands out of the hair from each of the sides, and curl them a little.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE