Why Silk Pillow is Healthy for Your Hair



Silk pillow is good for your quality of sleep and healthy for your hair. To be healthy, it is necessary for you to sleep for a minimum of 6 hours everyday, making it necessary to always choose healthy pillows. The things that need to be considered are shape, quality and height. Many types of pillows and pillowcases exist, and determining the right pillow is an important thing. Silk is one of the high-quality pillowcases.

Silk – the ideal material

As silk is a breathable fabric, the pillow filled with it is comfortable in different types of temperature ranges, while women suffering from menopause-caused “hot flushes” find it to be helpful.






When you are looking for the hygienic bedding material, silk should be considered because you do not need to worry about dust mite allergies. About 18 amino acids are found in pure and natural mulberry silk, and if you have been using the silk pillow for a long time, you will have glossy hair.

The Pillow’s Shape is Important

The right pillow is the one which is not far from your cervical vertebra, as that makes you to be comfortable when sleeping after a busy day. According to experts, traditional pillows are not good for the skin. With the silk pillowcase, the story is different, as it comes from natural materials which help the skin and help in maintaining the right hair moisture and leaving with shiny hair. You will enjoy the amino acids needed by your body for good health, making you to live an allergy-free life.

A minimum of 80 is the right density for the pillow, and questions about this should be asked when buying your pillow. Silk pillows of high quality last longer, sometimes being used for 15 to 20 years, and every Lily Silk filled pillow is made using the Grade A long fiber mulberry silk.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE