Winter Beauty Mistakes That You Need To Know (And Avoid!)

Source: youtube

Winter is definitely not the most loved season by some of us, especially if you’re a beauty enthusiast. As the temperature drops, our skin experience changes too; and this is why you need to be alert of winter beauty mistakes that you might have made. Read the list below and see what you can do to stay gorgeous even if it’s freezing cold outside.

1. Taking too long in the shower

The hot-water shower may be too good to be left behind. And we understand, it’s too cold outside! But the longer time you spend there, the heat can compromise your skin’s moisture, and you’d be left with drier, flaky skin. The fix? Limit your hot bath to 15 minutes max, or turn down the heat.


2. Using wrong cleansing products

Swap your soap-based facial cleansers for a non-foaming cleanser this winter. Drying soap, just like hot water but worse, can damage your lipid barrier and leave your skin dry.